Changelog & BugFixes (English)


  • v2.3 (2014/05/23)

– a new shiny live tutorial
– added option to show only Shared Search or also searches without a linked configuration
– previous wizard now only available from Settings
– very important improvements and fix on results management
– new resource for Error 404
– changed how connected users number is shown; same style for the search language button
– code cleaned and unused resources removed
– typos corrected for Italian and English languages
– decreased days for the next update check
– a few minor issues fixed

  • v2.2 (2014/05/16)

– PowerSearch mode automatically ON when downloading configurations and when importing from the menu
– new layout for the Main activity and for the action bar elements: added Download Configurations button; Options and Configurations button traded place;
– created a notification system for new configurations available for download and for new imported configurations (it’s an internal notifications that only change the icon, not the Android system notifications)
– Search language icon moved to the bottom right of the Main activity
– Options window completely renewed and reorganized
– graphical mods to the buttons
– small general mods to the layout and graphics
– wizard edited: introduced a welcome screen and removed one from the previous version
– added caption to the Download Configurations window
– general clean to the code

  • v2.1 (2014/05/11)

– new resources for the Main activity and a few fixes about the Metro/Messy/Linear interfaces
– Overflow Menu items are now enabled even after very first run
– temporary configurations renamed adding the original name so that it should be clear to the user what conf he is using
– active configuration is now clearly shown into the search field
– popup revisited and edited to uniform its style
– extra keywords field can now be edited only by tapping the Add button
– added info about the search terms and the configuration into the Shared Search popup
– added tagline ‘recommended’ to the Search terms + configuration’ choice into the Shared Search popup
– you can now remove a configuration from the Overflow Menu with a long tap
– solved issue that caused the same Shared Search to be shown doubled
– minor graphic and coding mods

  • v2.0 (2014/05/04)

– new Shared Search, a very special search connecting terms with used configuration
– restyled most of the UI elements
– added shortcuts to the Overflow Configurations Menu
– “I’m feeling lucky” now enabled by default
– reintroduced ads banner after the 15 days AppGratuita promo
– few minor issues solved

  • v1.9 (2014/04/19)

– ooops

  • v1.8 (2014/04/18)

– a completely new and shiny welcome wizard
– removed the ads banner to follow the rules of the AppGratuita promo
– minor issues solved

  • v1.7 (2014/04/06)

– added vocal commands
– “I’m feeling lucky”
– success/failure sign-up notifications
– various and minor bugfix

  • v1.6 (2014/03/29)

– improved the login platform
– added resources for best/worst configurations
– various and minor bugfix

  • v1.5 (2014/03/24)

– new login platform to upload configurations
– bugfix

  • v1.4 (2014/03/01)

– enable/disable suggest on search
– bugfix

  • v1.3 (2014/02/29)

– download best configurations from our servers
– improved look of the metro style and tiles
– added popup dialog for reviewing on Play Store
– source code cleaned out and lightened
– bugfix

  • v1.2 (2014/02/20)

– new style based on Win8 metro tiles
– bugfix

  • v1.1 (2014/02/19)


  • v1.0 (13/feb/2014)

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